Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    New Family and Children's Services Policy Office invites WA families to have their say

    15/11/1999 2:34 PM

      The State Government has invited families around Western Australia to have their say about how Government, business and the community can better support family life.

      Family and Children’s Services Minister Rhonda Parker said the newly formed Family and Children’s Policy Office would conduct a broad community consultation over the next four months.

      “The consultation will cover areas that have an impact on families such as health, housing, education, transport, security, work place practices and technology,” the Minister said.

      “Information from the consultation will help ensure policies in all areas of Government are supportive of family life and will be used in the formulation of a five-year across-Government plan for families and children.

      “The family is the primary influence on a child and a healthy family life is critical to the well being of children and the broader community.

      “Government has a responsibility to do everything possible to strengthen and encourage the role of the family.

      “This is particularly important at a time when families are coming under increasing pressure and the types of families are becoming more diverse.”

      The Minister today launched a Family Consultation Paper that will form the basis of the public consultation.

      A pamphlet on the consultation called Families & Children in the New Millennium will be distributed to every household in the State. The process will also be advertised in the media.

      The consultation will take place through:
      • public forums and small discussion groups to be held throughout the State;
      • telephone calls to the Family and Children’s Policy Office toll free number
      • 1800 100 205 or the TTY service on 9321 7608;
      • the consultation website on http://www.familyone.wa.gov.au; and -
      • a telephone survey to be conducted early next year

      Mrs Parker also announced the launch of the FamilyOne program, which will give public recognition to initiatives by State and local government agencies, business and community-based organisations that improve the quality of life for families and children.

      “Initiatives that would merit FamilyOne recognition could include adopting family friendly work practices, producing goods or services that welcome families and children or by ensuring that the impact of new initiatives on families and children is given full consideration,” she said.

      “Organisations that meet the FamilyOne criteria will receive public recognition of their efforts and be permitted to display the FamilyOne logo.

      “The criteria will be developed over the next four months in conjunction with Government and non-Government agencies, as well as the community services and the business sector.

      “The Family and Children’s Policy Office, which will conduct the community consultations, has been established to co-ordinate policy development to support families and children across the whole of Government.

      “The office will also promote the interests of families and children with non-Government agencies, business and the community.”

      Ms Jane Brazier, who has extensive experience in the community services industry in both the Government and non-Government sectors, has been appointed the first Executive Director of the office and will report directly to the Minister on policy matters.

      Mrs Parker said the Family and Children’s Policy Office would work closely with the Family and Children’s Advisory Council to promote the development and implementation of policies to support families in the State.

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