Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Launch of Collision Repair Council (CRC) of Western Australia in Perth

    17/11/1999 1:10 PM

    Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave launched the Collision Repair Council (CRC) of Western Australia in Perth this morning.

    “The CRC is an initiative of the Motor Trades Association of WA and has obtained strong support from the Insurance Council of Australia, as well as the vehicle body repair industry,” Mr Shave said.

    “Last year almost 40,000 vehicle crashes were reported to the police and many of these required vehicle body repairs. That gives some idea of the size of the vehicle body repair sector.”

    The launch of the CRC follows 12 months developmental work to establish minimum standards for the vehicle body repair industry.

    The standards cover equipment, quality management systems, a code of ethics, and development of disciplinary procedures for breaches of the code.

    “People needing vehicle body repairs will be able to easily identify Crash Repair Council members,” Mr Shave said.

    “This will give them confidence to know that they are dealing with a repairer who is committed to quality standards and that there is a resolution process in the event of dispute.”

    The CRC will be administered by the MTA but repairers do not have to belong to the association to be accredited by the council. However, they must meet the standards prescribed by the CRC.

    “This is the first accreditation scheme of its kind in Australia,” Mr Shave said.

    “By working together to develop the council, the MTA and the Insurance Council have formed an effective partnership to raise the public profile of the body repair industry.”

    One of the first standards set by the CRC is a minimum level of repair equipment. This will mean some repairers will have to upgrade their equipment for specialist jobs such as chassis-damaged four wheel drives.

    “The development of the CRC is in line with Government policy that self-regulation by industry sectors can be more effective than Governments trying to impose regulations,” Mr Shave said.

    Media contact: John Clune (Minister’s Office) 9213 6500