Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Surfing Western Australia to join Gov't in promoting Drug Free message

    16/10/1999 11:00 AM

    The State’s elite surf board riders have got behind the drug free message with a partnership between Surfing Western Australia and the State Government, the Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy, Rhonda Parker, announced today.

    Surfing Western Australia, which runs championships for the State’s elite surfers as well as a Learn to Surf program attended by 34,000 people last year, will promote the Drug Free message through its elite surfers, programs, newsletter and links with Local Drug Action Groups around the State.

    “It will identify 50 of the State’s junior elite surfers and their coaches as Drug Free role models who will help dispel the myth that drug use among their peers is common and accepted,” Mrs Parker said.

    “The partnership with Surfing WA is very significant and will also develop links between Local Drug Action Groups and local surfing clubs in addition to promoting the availability of alcohol and other drug support services in the community.”

    The partnership joins similar initiatives with Perth Glory, basketball, junior soccer, football, junior baseball, WA Swimming and WA Netball.

    “Sporting associations play an important role in developing the social fabric of our society,” Mrs Parker said.

    “They develop many life skills such as discipline, communication, decision making, goal setting and social skills and assist in the development of
    self-esteem and physical fitness.

    “These skills enable young people to lead healthy, productive lives and make a positive impact on our community.”

    Mrs Parker said that as part of the Government’s Together Against Drugs Strategy, the partnerships recognised that the whole community must be involved in tackling drug abuse.

    “The Government’s approach involves professional services and the local community working together, which is the most effective approach to counter drug abuse,” she said.

    “There are no simple solutions to drug abuse and for that reason the Government’s responses to the issue must be both comprehensive and ongoing. These responses complement the Government’s Safer WA program.”

    The partnership with Surfing WA is worth $6,000.

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