Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Minister launches kit to counter solvent abuse

    10/10/1999 10:00 AM

    A kit launched today in Midland by the Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy Rhonda Parker to help retailers work against solvent abuse will be distributed throughout the State.

    Mrs Parker said the kit contained a series of fact sheets about solvent abuse including who used them, the short and long term effects of solvents, how to identify solvent users, first aid advice, guidelines for retailers about the legal and health issues associated with selling solvents, what retailers could do to prevent solvent abuse and a voluntary code of conduct for retailers.

    “It also contains a sticker and wallchart for retailers stating they reserve the right to refuse to sell solvents they believe will be misused and a certificate of participation for those who join the project,” Mrs Parker said.

    “The kit, which was developed over a six-month period of research and trials, is evidence that the community is willing to take effective steps to prevent drug abuse.”

    “It is a cooperative effort between the retailers, the Northeastern Metropolitan Community Drug Service Team, Midland Police, the Midland Local Drug Action Group, the Midland Aboriginal Advisory Group and North East Regional Youth Council.

    “This initiative will complement other efforts to counter solvent abuse and is another project that comes under the
    Government’s Safer WA Strategy.

    “In the Midland area this includes the local Community Drug Service Team which supports parents whose children have drug abuse problems, participates in the School Drug Education Project and helps schools develop drug policies.

    “The North East Regional Youth Council also works with young people with solvent abuse problems in the area.

    “Previous initiatives against solvent abuse in the area include the Midland Gate Shopping Centre’s employment of two youth workers and the establishment of the Midland Youth Centre in 1992.

    “The resource kit will help retailers play their role in the fight against drug abuse. It has also been a focal point for creating an impressive community partnership and it sends out a message to our youth that solvent abuse is unacceptable behaviour.”

    The kits will be distributed State-wide through the State’s 11 Community Drug Service Teams and more than 60 Local Drug Action Groups.

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