Doug Shave

Doug Shave


    Launch of strengthened mandatory code of conduct for land valuers

    21/10/1999 6:30 PM

    Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave today launched a strengthened mandatory code of conduct for Western Australian land valuers.

    Mr Shave said the new code, which forms part of the Land Valuers Licensing Act, would enhance the built-in protections for consumers, as well as clarify the standards of service which land valuers are required to deliver to their clients.

    He said a code was previously in place for the industry but had not been reviewed since its creation in 1985.

    The Ministry of Fair Trading has assisted the Land Valuers Licensing Board during wide consultation with industry members and consumer groups on the development of the new code.

    “This code ties in with the Australian Property Institute’s code of ethics, while the institute has at the same time revised its professional practice publication for members,” Mr Shave said.

    Western Australia has more than 500 licensed valuers.

    Mr Shave said householders and other investors rightly expected to receive valuations that accurately reflected the current market and could be relied upon in making important financial decisions.

    “The strengthening of the code reflects the Land Valuers Licensing Board’s concern that the industry’s reputation remains high and also that it is not prepared to tolerate behaviour that might erode the industry’s reputation as a whole,” the Minister said.

    “I am very pleased with the close working relationship between the Ministry, the API and the Land Valuers Licensing Board.”

    Mr Shave said the Ministry also published a revised edition of its brochure, Land Valuers and Property Valuation, which is available free by calling 9282 0895.

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