Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Community involvement in campaign against drug abuse has exceeded forecasts

    3/10/1999 7:30 AM

      The Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy, Rhonda Parker, said the level of involvement of community groups in the campaign against drug abuse had exceeded initial forecasts by more than 50 per cent.

      “Two years ago the target was to have 40 Local Drug Action Groups around the State by 1999,” Mrs Parker said.

      “However, there are already 62 in towns and suburbs throughout the State, with the number growing continually.”

      Mrs Parker told the annual Local Drug Action Group Conference today that people wanted to do something about drug abuse in their community and were increasingly becoming involved in the Local Drug Action Groups.

      “Along with measures in law enforcement, education and health, community involvement through the Local Drug Action Group network is a vital part of the Government’s campaign against drug abuse and complements the Safer WA initiative,” she said.

      There are 33 Local Drug Action Groups in the city and 29 in the country from Esperance in the south to Kalumburu in the Kimberley, each working against the particular drug abuse problems in their area.

      “In particular, the number of groups in the East Kimberley is growing rapidly,” the Minister said.

      “The activities of the groups are as varied as the communities they work in.

      “They include organising recreational activities for young people, helping with drug education in schools, holding parent information evenings, collecting out of date medicines from seniors, participating in local liquor licence applications, working with shops to limit solvent abuse, anti-drug abuse partnerships with sporting clubs and developing support networks for parents.

      “The parent support networks are particularly effective, as they involve parents helping other parents deal with the problem of drug abuse.”

      Mrs Parker said the Government would never solve the problem on its own, and community involvement was essential to successfully tackle drug abuse.

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