Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Child migrants coming to WA from Britain and Malta will be able to access new index

    5/10/1999 2:55 PM

      Western Australia has launched the nation’s first index recording information that will allow child migrants who came to the State from Britain and Malta to trace their background.

      In launching the Former Child Migrants Referral Index today, Family and Children’s Services Minister Rhonda Parker said it included the name of the migrant, their date of birth, the name of the ship they arrived on, the date of their arrival and where they were initially placed.

      “The index, which records information on the 2,950 child migrants who arrived in the State between 1913 and 1968, does not include the actual records which will remain with the receiving agencies or their nominees,” Mrs Parker said.

      “It identifies the location of these records from where further information about the child and their family of origin may be obtained.

      “A constantly recurring theme in the stories told to the two major inquiries has been their desperate need to know more about their families and their origins.

      “This index will help heal the pain many of the child migrants suffered over the years.”

      Mrs Parker said protocols to ensure confidentiality of the records have been negotiated with the 10 agencies in the State holding the records.

      “The British Government has also agreed in principle to provide the index with the name of the sending agency and the location of the UK records providing the storage and disclosure of the WA Referral Index is broadly compatible with British regulations,” Mrs Parker said.

      The index can be contacted through Family and Children’s Services Family Information Records Bureau on 9222 2662 or for country callers freecall 1800 000 277.

      Media contact: Owen Cole 9481 7810