WA successful in bid to host the 6th Global Conference on Ageing in 2002 [Audio]

6/09/1999 10:04 AM

Seniors’ Minister Rhonda Parker today announced that Western Australia’s bid to host the 6th Global Conference on Ageing in 2002 had been successful.

Speaking from Montreal, Mrs Parker said the board of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) voted overwhelmingly to support Western Australia’s proposal, which was jointly sponsored by the State Government and the Council on the Ageing (Australia).

“During 1999, the International Year of Older Persons, we have seen a raised awareness of seniors needs and the introduction of many new government and community initiatives to improve the quality of life of our seniors,” Mrs Parker said.

“The success of our bid to host the 2002 Global Conference on Ageing in Perth is a very exciting development for WA’s seniors.

“It will help maintain the momentum and focus on improving services for seniors. It will also add further impetus over the next three years to our response to the challenges of an ageing population in WA.”

As part of the bid team, Opposition Spokesperson for Seniors, Legislative Council Member Cheryl Davenport, told the IFA Board about the bipartisan support for the conference proposal.

“As we approach the end of the International Year of Older Persons, it will be important to keep up our efforts in working towards improving the quality of life of our seniors,” Ms Davenport said.

With more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world expected to attend the conference in Perth in 2002, the immediate economic benefit for Western Australia is estimated at $2.1 million.

The conference will also be an opportunity to promote internationally the activities of the Positive Ageing Centre, which will be established during Seniors’ Week 1999.

As part of the conference budget, the State Government has committed US$100,000 for specific research projects on positive ageing issues to be conducted by the Positive Ageing Centre in the lead-up to the 2002 Conference.

Australian IFA board member and COTA (Australia) executive director Denys Correll said that this was tangible evidence of WA’s commitment to organising a world class conference in Perth in 2002.

“This conference will be an excellent opportunity not only for WA to showcase its policies and programs for seniors, but also for there to be an enriching exchange of ideas between policy-makers, service providers and seniors from all over the world,” Mr Correll said.

Seniors’ Minister Rhonda Parker said WA would try to further increase the attendance at the conference by Seniors’ Ministers from around the world, building on the record attendance of 37 Ministers from 24 countries in Montreal this year.

“This exchange of ideas between representatives from seniors organisations and Governments from around the world is what will ultimately lead to improvements in our response to the needs of seniors and the ageing of our population”, Mrs Parker said.

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"The conference really is an international event. It will help maintain the focus on improving services for seniors." (391K/18secs)

"It will mean we will be able to continue with keeping the issues regarding seniors in the public arena." (240K/11secs)