Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Strong law enforcement needed for drug dealers says Minister

    15/09/1999 5:25 PM

      The Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy, Rhonda Parker, said that drug dealers needed to be detected, arrested, charged, prosecuted and punished with all the severity of the law, wherever they were.

      “Heroin dealers are dealing in death,” Mrs Parker said.

      “They are destructive predators who cause great harm to Western Australian families and the community.

      “Strong law enforcement is an essential component of our overall strategy against drug abuse, which also includes responses through health and community support services, education and community action.

      “Anybody in the community who has information about suspected drug dealers should provide that information to the police.

      “It is the role of the Police Service to act, on behalf of the community, on any information they receive about suspected drug dealers with all the vigour and determination that such serious allegations demand.

      “It is the role of the police to arrest and charge anybody who, following proper investigations, has been confirmed as dealing in drugs.

      “I am concerned that the approach taken by the Member for Girrawheen has both the potential to compromise the success of police investigations against suspected drug dealers and potentially to victimise people who may be innocent.”

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