Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Launch of Northam-based Community Drug Service Team

    26/08/1999 2:40 PM

      The Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy, Rhonda Parker, has launched the Northam-based Community Drug Service Team run by Holyoake which will lead the multifacited campaign against drug abuse in the area.

      Mrs Parker said the team, which will focus on both prevention and treatment, will also have part-time staff in Moora and Merredin.

      “The Northam team is the 11th in the State and joins four in the metropolitan area and others in Geraldton, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Albany, Broome and Newman,” she said.

      “The Community Drug Service Teams play an integral role in the WA Strategy Against Drug Abuse.”

      The team is funded through the National Illicit Drug Strategy, provides:
        • general alcohol and drug counselling service for adults, youth and families;
        • support to other health and welfare providers to manage alcohol and other drug problems among their clients through education, consultation and referral; and -
        • support to the local community to prevent alcohol and other drug problems.
        The Minister said examples of the support provided include:
          • early intervention and support to help young people and families before problems become entrenched;
          • support for schools dealing with drug abuse incidents;
          • outreach counselling for youth;
          • attention to specific local problems such as solvent abuse;
          • support for Local Drug Action Groups; and -
          • support for regional co-ordination.

        “The Community Drug Service Teams are an important part of the Government’s Together Against Drugs strategy which is based on the premise that no single approach by itself will solve the problem of drug abuse,” the Minister said.

        “A multifacited approach involving education, health, law enforcement and importantly the community is necessary to combat the problem of drug abuse.

        “Community involvement through organisations such as the Local Drug Action Group is essential as the Government cannot solve the problem of drug abuse alone.”

        Mrs Parker said the initiative also complemented the State Government’s Safer WA strategy, which sought local solutions to local problems.

        She said the Northam Drug Service Team had already done much positive work in the area, including casework to help people get off drugs and alcohol and a drug education week at a local school. Next week there would be a community workshop on drugs at Dalwallinu Hospital and a mini drug expo in Merredin.

        “It’s a very positive sign that the Northam Community Drug Service Team has been so warmly welcomed to the area by other agencies and a number of individuals,” she said.

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