Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    A study recommends against having a detoxification unit in the Kalgoorlie/Boulder area

    10/08/1999 7:09 PM

      A study into intravenous drug use and drug services in Kalgoorlie/Boulder has recommended against establishing a residential detoxification unit in the area, the Minister Responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy Rhonda Parker announced today.

      The study, by the WA Drug Abuse Strategy Office (WADASO), was a Government response to the recommendations of the report of the Select Committee into the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981.

      “The study found there was insufficient demand for a detoxification unit and that an education program with an improvement and expansion of current programs would be more effective,” Mrs Parker said.

      “It also supported the continued availability of detoxification services from the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital.”

      Mrs Parker said an additional $160,000 would be spent on services to counter illicit drug use in the area this financial year. As well:
      • the hospital will receive an additional $75,000 for detoxification programs, for intervention programs for people with drug problems admitted to hospital for other reasons and for improved links between the hospital, Community Drug Service Team and local doctors;
      • up to $20,000 to refurbish and expand Prospect Lodge, a residential treatment and support service for people recovering from alcohol and illicit drug use;
      • $35,000 for the sobering up centre to provide services to youth and users of drugs other than alcohol; and -
      • $30,000 for a ‘Drug Aware’ education campaign specifically for the Kalgoorlie/Boulder area. It will raise awareness about illicit drug issues, the services available and harm reduction strategies to reduce overdoses and the spread of blood-borne viruses.

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