Rhonda Parker

Rhonda Parker


    Together Against Drugs strategy yields results says Minister

    30/07/1999 7:42 PM

      The Minister responsible for WA Drug Abuse Strategy Rhonda Parker said that the State Government’s Together Against Drugs strategy released in June 1997 has led to an unprecedented level of activity in Western Australia, right across Government and right across the community, addressing the problem of drug abuse.

      “The State Government has dramatically increased funding for our response to drug abuse,” Mrs Parker said.

      “Over the last two financial years, State Government funding for drug related services has increased by 42% from approximately $24 million a year to $34 million a year.

      “For example, with the introduction of Together Against Drugs, State Government funding levels for drug treatment services have increased by more than $3 million annually.

      “This has substantially increased community support services available, with more beds in drug rehabilitation services and increased capacity for day treatment and parent support services.

      “As a result, anyone who seeks treatment should be able to access it straight away.

      “School drug education is also a very high priority for the State Government, with a substantial three year $4.5 million commitment to bring effective drug education into all schools.

      “In fact Western Australia is recognised as national leader in school drug education, for its curriculum, teacher training, policies and protocols for all schools and the involvement of parents,” the Minister said.

      “The Together Against Drugs strategy also engaged the community in an unprecedented way, with more than 50 Local Drug Action Groups, a range of sporting associations and clubs, the Pharmacy Guild and others playing important roles in the overall strategy.

      “Together Against Drugs is a comprehensive and multifaceted strategy against drug abuse.

      “The recent commitment of the Federal Government through its Tough on Drugs strategy is certainly a welcome complement in addition to the substantial increases in funding that had already been provided by the State Government."

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