Murray Criddle

Murray Criddle


    New cross-suburban Circle Route bus service gains popularity

    3/04/1999 7:00 AM

    Transport Minister Murray Criddle said today that an average of 45,000 people a week had used the new cross-suburban Circle Route bus service since its launch four weeks ago.

    Research indicated that nearly one third of these passengers - more than 12,000 a week - could have used the new bus service instead of using their car.

    Mr Criddle said the immediate popularity of the new Transperth service had proved that the people of Perth appreciated its convenience.

    "The passenger numbers have shown a steady increase over the three weeks,"
    he said.

    "The service is now averaging 8,500 passengers a week day, and I can see it being used even more as news of its convenience is passed around by word of mouth.

    "A completely new route, the 78km Circle Route is popular because it links major hospitals, tertiary institutions, schools and shopping centre, and connects with each of the suburban train lines.

    "Research on the first stage of the Circle Route showed that 30 per cent of passengers could have used a car for the trip."

    Mr Criddle said he expected the Circle Route service to be given a further boost when the new low-floor buses came into service on the route, starting in April.

    The route was expected to play a major role in increasing the use of public transport.

    It would also go some way towards improving Perth air quality, by reducing the impact of vehicle emissions, and would improve accessibility for people with disabilities as the new buses were introduced to the service.

    Anyone seeking information on the Circle Route service should call the Transperth Infoline 13 62 13 (TTY 9485 0485), or contact the Internet site.

    Media contact: Doug Cunningham on 9321 7333