Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Former Minister for Transport

    Business proprietors encouraged to lodge complaints if impeded at docks

    1/05/1998 12:00 AM



    Transport Minister Eric Charlton today called on business proprietors and individual port users to lodge formal complaints with his office if they were impeded or physically harassed by picketers at the Fremantle docks.


    "While the High Court continues to consider the facts, people are entitled to go to the Patrick's terminal and collect their goods," Mr Charlton said.


    "Anybody who is impeded by picketers should carefully document the incident and advise my office on 9321 7333 in order to collate material for any future damages claims," he said.


    Mr Charlton said his office would co-ordinate movements for anybody wanting to obtain lawful access to the port.


    "The police service has guaranteed that it will uphold the law and provide protection and assistance to persons going about their lawful business at the port," he said.


    Media contact: Doug Cunningham 9321 7333