Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Former Minister for Transport

    Launch of comprehensive 10-year plan for metropolitan public transport

    25/04/1998 12:00 AM



    A detailed document containing the comprehensive plan for public transport for the Perth metropolitan area was launched today by Transport Minister Eric Charlton.


    "The ‘Better Public Transport: Ten-Year Plan for Transperth' is a major consultative document designed to encourage comment for a three-month period from across the entire community, "Mr Charlton said.


    "It sets out in considerable detail the future strategy for public transport planning in Perth and acknowledges the need to develop a customer-based system which will be both effective and efficient.


    "Perth's urban sprawl creates considerable difficulties for public transport services. We need to greatly improve the service and image of the public transport system, particularly buses.


    "The new concept for public transport bus travel includes System 21, a high frequency, high-quality service on 14 key routes which has the potential on some routes to be replaced by light rail in the long term. System 21 services will enjoy priority through key traffic lights and congested areas.


    "There will be a shift towards cross-suburban services, such as the Circle Route, which at Stage 1 is already carrying 4,000 passengers a day. We have also looked at development patterns in the current urban environment and proposed new Minilink services which will provide for local access trips using smaller vehicles.


    "The new plan includes a detailed list of the public transport projects which will be tackled during the next 10 years, including aspects of the service structure, the extension of the rapid transit system, both rail and bus, awareness and information initiatives and facilities for people with disabilities.


    "There is also an assessment of the fares structure, ticketing technology, and improvements to stops, stations and Park-n-Ride facilities."


    Mr Charlton said that in releasing this comprehensive plan the State Government had acknowledged that current public transport usage was too low and outlined how it would work to improve services.


    "Over the last 15 years there has been a steady decline in the number of people using our public transport system," the Minister said.


    "However, recently the State Government has made a number of changes including the contracting out of bus services, which has seen an increase of two million people using the public transport system over the last 12 months.


    "This latest initiative and the announcement last week of the replacement of the whole fleet will complement the 10-year plan.


    "Now this will provide Perth with one of the most modern bus fleets in the world.


    "The plan is based on a proven international approach which for environmental, social and economic reasons will take Perth's public transport system towards world-class standards.


    "There is a fundamental need to market public transport to encourage a switch from private car travel for some journeys."


    The announcement of the ‘Better Public Transport: Ten-Year Plan for Transperth' coincides with the release of details on the Perth Parking Policy for the central area and demonstrates the Coalition Government's determination to ensure the complete integration of transport strategies.


    Better Public Transport - Ten Year Plan for Transperth


    Summary of key points


    ·         Better Public Transport Service Structure


    Transit Links: including metro-rail; priority Transitway for buses; 14 new System 21 bus service routes (potential future light-rail on some routes); and cross-suburban services (e.g Circle Route).


    Community Links: including Minilink services.


    Special Services: including school specials and Central Area services, e.g CAT.


    ·         Better Rapid Transit System


    South West Metropolitan Railway Masterplan.


    New train station at Hepburn Avenue, including Park-n-Ride.


    Extension of Northern Suburbs railway.


    Extension of Midland line to Bellevue.


    Transitway from Perth to Morley and north.


    Two-directional bus lane on Kwinana Freeway to Murdoch Park-n-Ride.


    Transitway between Fremantle and Rockingham via Kwinana.


    ·         Better Bus Services


    System 21- fourteen radial routes:


    high frequency and reliability;


    stop-specific timetables;


    improved weekend services, including Friday and Saturday late night;


    more direct services;


    better interchange connections;


    bus priority at traffic lights;


    quality stops with passenger shelters, signage and on-line information; new easy-access, air-conditioned buses; and -


    Park-n-Ride facilities for selected routes.


    The Circle Route - Stages 1-3:


    new bus service providing cross-suburban connections between universities, hospitals, commercial and industrial areas, key train station interchanges and the domestic airport.


    ·         Better Awareness and Information


    Increased marketing of public transport, e.g TravelSmart in South Perth, direct marketing.


    Better service information at stops and stations, via the Transperth Internet Journey Planner and the Infoline, at Infozones and Infocentres at key interchanges and activity centres.


    ·         Better Stop and Station Facilities


    Improved bus stops, shelters and information in association with local governments.


    Upgraded, easy-access train stations.


    Personal security devices.


    ·         Better Park-n-Ride facilities


    Expansion of key train station Park-n-Ride facilities.


    New facilities at all new train stations, on some System 21 routes and Mandurah Citylink.


    ·         Better Bike-n-Ride facilities


    More convenient access to new, coin-operated bike lockers at train stations.


    Possibility for a bike rack on some buses and a Bike Central at the Perth Train Station.


    ·         Better Fares Structure


    Improve the cost-recovery rate.


    Adjust fares to relate more directly to the cost of services.


    Promote the use of pre-sold tickets.


    Move towards a consistent 50 per cent concession fare.


    Develop an effective fare evasion strategy.


    ·         Better ticketing


    Introduce integrated, multi-purpose, long-lasting ‘smartcards' which are electronically swiped and have a stored credit value.


    Continue to offer alternative ticketing for occasional public transport users. 


    ·         Better Services for People with Disabilities


    Introduce new, low-floor, easy-access Transperth bus fleet.


    Upgrade 10,000 bus stops in association with local governments.


    Upgrade train stations for easy access.


    Improve signage facilities for those with visual impairments.


    ·         Better Public Transport to Special Events


    Develop a ‘Service Charter' with event organisers to implement a public transport plan for regular major events, with the possibility of a joint transport/entry ticket.


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