Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Former Minister for Transport

    Study of ways to help Midland's efforts to rejuvenate the town centre

    12/02/1998 12:00 AM



    Transport Minister Eric Charlton said today he was examining how he could assist the Midland community in its efforts to rejuvenate the town centre.


    Mr Charlton met this morning with the Midland Chamber of Commerce and other local community groups to discuss recommendations in the Midland Charette plan.


    The Minister said a number of road changes had been put to him in order to bring more passing traffic into the town.


    "This morning's meeting was very informative and I have made a commitment to explore a number of road modifications which were put to me," he said.


    "The community is to be commended for the initiative it has shown it has shown in trying to rejuvenate and revive trade in the town centre."


    The Minister has asked Mains Roads to examine the feasibility of a number of changes, including:


    ·      the conversion of Great Eastern Highway and Victoria Street to two way traffic between Harper Street and Sayer Street;


    ·      the re-establishment of a traffic link between the termination of Old Great Northern Highway at The Avenue and Morrison Road, with access at Morrison Road restricted to left in/left out. This also includes the option of a roundabout at The Avenue;


    ·      the extension of Helena Street across the railway to Montreal Road including a level crossing or traffic bridge; and -


    ·      the practicality of constructing a roundabout on Great Eastern Highway at Farrall Road.


    Mr Charlton said in that in conjunction with the Midland community he would help co-ordinate a new submission to the Federal Government requesting funding for the construction of an overpass at the intersection of Roe and Great Eastern Highway.


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