Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Former Minister for Transport

    Briefings to be given to groups about proposed private port at Naval Base

    18/02/1998 12:00 AM



    Transport Minister Eric Charlton said today he would provide briefings for community groups which had questions relating to the proposed private port at Naval Base.


    Mr Charlton said that over the past few months there had been widespread community consultation with community groups, shire councils and local businesses being personally briefed.


    "I invite the community members who have concerns about the proposal to contact my office and I will ensure their queries are addressed," he said.


    "We have endeavoured to keep the local community informed about this proposal and will continue to do so.


    "This Expression of Interest document for the proposed private port has been written for commercial groups needing to make commercial judgements as to whether building the port is the right business decision for them."


    The Minister stressed the privately operated port was only a proposal at this stage and strict environmental studies would be a pre-requisite of the project as part of a comprehensive community, local government and industry consultation program.


    The Government's preferred site for the proposed freehold port was James Point near the Kwinana Oil Refinery, but potential developers would be invited to consider several other options along a four-kilometre stretch of the Kwinana/Naval Base foreshore.


    The portion of Cockburn Sound designated for a future port development was an existing industrial region which had ready access to rail and road transport infrastructure. It was the only site in the metropolitan region for future port development.


    "This is a major step forward for Western Australia because it will give the State a 21st century facility to provide the most efficient, most competitive and user friendly environment for importers and exporters," Mr Charlton said.


    "The proposal will offer many benefits to the local community, including employment and economic spin-offs for local businesses."


    Expressions of interest close on March 31.


    Media contact: Nicole Trigwell (09) 9321 7333