Eric Charlton

Eric Charlton

Former Minister for Transport

    Call for Larry Graham to apologise to Main Roads workers

    14/01/1998 12:00 AM



    Transport Minister Eric Charlton today called on Labor MLA Larry Graham to publicly apologise to Main Roads workers and private contractors over criticism of the recently-opened Karijini Drive.


    "Larry Graham decided to make public his views on the road surface of Karijini Drive without bothering to get an expert opinion and he has shot himself in the foot," Mr Charlton said.


    "I think he owes an apology to Main Roads and the private contractors who built the road," he said.


    Mr Charlton said Karijini Drive had been built to primerseal standard for the opening last November and was not due for the final seal until the end of this year.


    Karijini Drive is a 74km link through Karijini National Park with approximately 32 kilometres of the road built by Main Roads and the remainder by private contract.


    Primerseal standard is a widely used engineering practice which binds gravel surfaces with a thin layer of bitumen and aggregate. Final sealing is generally applied 12 months later but in the meantime, vehicles have full use of the road.


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