Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Rockingham community urged to help police combat crime

    5/12/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese today urged the Rockingham community to actively support and assist police in the fight against crime.


    Officially opening a new Community Policing and Crime Prevention Resource Centre, Mr Wiese said there was a tendency for some people to be complacent about getting involved in community-based programs to combat crime or to even secure their own property.


    "The key to crime-fighting is an active partnership between the community and police, because the role each of us plays can make a major difference in preventing and solving crime," he said.


    Mr Wiese said the new centre was an important first-stop reference point for people to learn about what they could do to protect themselves and their property.


    He said that to secure homes with alarms and proper deadlocks on doors and windows and to install vehicle immobilisers were positive steps to deter thieves.


    Ensuring household items were engraved also assisted police in the recovery of stolen goods and in tracking down those responsible.


    "Crime must be stopped before it happens and taking these precautions allows police resources to be better spent on catching crooks, rather than dealing with the aftermath of a break-in," the Minister said.


    He praised the efforts of local businesses, residents and the Rockingham City Council for their support in creating a new centre with an estimated $19,000 worth of donated goods and labour.


    Community policing began in Rockingham in 1993 and operated out of a shop front in the city shopping centre until new premises were found in the council building.


    "This new centre stands as testimony to the power of the people," he said.


    "It has been the partnership between the Rockingham community, local government and the local police service in the fight against crime that has led to the opening of this new centre.


    "I would also like to recognise the tremendous efforts of the chairperson of Community Policing in Rockingham, Councillor Peter Ablett, who has played a major role in finding a new home for the centre."


    Mr Wiese said the new resource centre was staffed by a police crime prevention officer, two Aboriginal police liaison officers and local volunteers.


    The officers would be responsible for operating Neighbourhood Watch, Industrial Watch, home security, personal security, school based programs and promotional displays.


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