Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Two new cross-walks to be installed on Read St, Rockingham

    14/11/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese said both primary school and high-school students could be safely crossing Read Street, Rockingham, on two new cross-walks within three weeks.


    Mr Wiese said the cross-walks committee had given their unanimous approval on October 25 for two type `A' cross walks to be installed on Read Street near the Star of the Sea Primary School, adjacent to Farris Street, and the Rockingham Senior High School, near Swinstone Street.


    He said each cross-walk would be staffed by two traffic wardens to ensure the safe passage of students across the busy street.


    "A study by the Main Roads found there was a high risk factor and it was recommended that one warden stationed on each side of the street was necessary because it was a dual carriageway," he said.


    "Student safety is a priority and given the unpredictable nature of the location and the high number of students that will use the crossings we need to ensure there are all the best possible traffic controls and precautions in place."


    Mr Wiese said the Rockingham Council was expected to install pedestrian ramps within two weeks which would be followed by the Main Roads putting in the ‘lines and signs' to mark the cross-walks.


    "The four police traffic wardens are already being trained and if need be they could begin operating within a week," he said.


    The Minister praised the efforts of the local parents' and citizens' organisations for their commitment and persistence in bringing this project to fruition.


    "Everyone has worked very hard to have these cross-walks installed and with a combination of students and a busy road it is essential to provide as many safety measures as possible," he said.


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