Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    CEO and chief officer of Fire & Rescue Service resign

    23/10/1996 12:00 AM



    Emergency Services Minister Bob Wiese said both the chief executive officer and the chief officer of the Fire and Rescue Service of Western Australia had tendered their resignations, which had been accepted by the Governor.


    Mr Wiese said the resignations followed a breakdown in the relationship between the two officers as a result of confusion over the roles and responsibilities of the two positions.


    "It was a difficult situation for both officers and in making their decision, the long-term future of the organisation was a major consideration," he said.


    The current director of Business Services, Bob Mitchell, has been appointed as acting chief executive officer and the director of the Perth Central Region, Kevin Cuneo, has been appointed as acting chief officer.


    The Minister said the acting position of chief officer would be rotated between several senior officers in the Fire and Rescue Service, as has occurred in the past.


    Mr Wiese said both positions would be advertised.


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