Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Comprehensive guidelines on mining in arid environments released

    7/09/1996 12:00 AM



    The most comprehensive environmental and rehabilitation guidelines ever compiled on mining in Western Australia's arid environments are now available.


    Mines Minister Kevin Minson said today many organisations and individuals, including mining companies, consultants, environmental officers and prospectors could benefit from the publication.


    "Guidelines for Mining in Arid Environments provides these groups with the opportunity to implement the best possible environmental practices regardless of the size or nature of their mining operations," Mr Minson said.


    "In fact, WA's reputation as a first class environment rehabilitation manager has already resulted in great demand for this publication, including many interstate inquiries."


    Mr Minson said the guidelines were the result of 18 months' research and preparation by officers from the Mining Operations Division of the Department of Minerals and Energy.


    Consultations were held with a wide range of environmental specialists and industry representatives as well as reference to other locally produced publications.


    "The guidelines concentrate on the environmental management of mining rather than the administrative processes for obtaining project approval," the Minister said.


    "They examine the various aspects of arid zone environments including rainfall, soils, vegetation and fauna.


    "These physical characteristics are then put into perspective as the guidelines examine the need for appropriate baseline environmental studies, site planning, operational management and land rehabilitation."


    Mr Minson said the Department of Minerals and Energy provided a variety of resource material on a range of mining related subjects.


    "The new guidelines are part of a growing body of information which reinforce the department's commitment to serving the mining industry and the community in general," he said.


    "The guidelines also reflect the Government's commitment to ensuring WA's natural environment is maintained in the quest for mineral wealth."


    Media contacts: Caroline Lacy on 222 9211 or Bill Biggs - Environment and Rehabilitation Manager, Department of Minerals and Energy, 222 3437