Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Ministers to call on C'wlth not to change diesel fuel rebate

    2/08/1996 12:00 AM



    State and Territory Mining, Resource and Energy Ministers attending the annual ANZMEC meeting today endorsed a resolution to call on the Federal Government not to change the diesel fuel rebate.


    Western Australian Mines Minister Kevin Minson proposed the resolution, saying it was vital that the Commonwealth understood the ramifications of any modification to the rebate.


    Mr Minson also asked that ANZMEC acknowledge the importance of the diesel fuel rebate to the mining industry in WA and recognise the devastating effects removal of the rebate would have on the industry and Australia’s economy.


    “I have no doubt the ANZMEC members are every bit as concerned about the detrimental effect removing the rebate would have as I am,” he said.


    “Their response to the motion clearly reflects that concern.”


    Mr Minson said he had already made a number of strong public statements on the diesel fuel rebate issue and would continue to make his views known right up to the day of the Federal Budget.


    “WA would be most affected by the rebate’s abolition, as its mining industry relies on diesel fuel more heavily than other States," he said.


    “WA’s regional areas would be the hardest-hit of all.


    “I have no doubt that the Federal Treasurer and the Prime Minister are well aware of the issue as the mining and petroleum industry have also made their concerns very plain.


    “I believe the dilemma faced by both the Treasurer and the Prime Minister is that they do not wish to be seen to be lenient towards a sector of big business.


    “However, either by reducing or removing the diesel fuel rebate, the Federal Government will be targeting the average man in the street.


    “Why?  Because pulling hundreds of millions of dollars out of the mining and petroleum industries means mines closing and other ventures not going ahead.


    “That in turn means less export earnings and fewer jobs.”


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