Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Halls Creek community called on to help police keep order

    16/08/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese today called on all sections of the Halls Creek community to assist police maintain law and order in the town.


    Mr Wiese said it would take concerted co-operation from everyone in Halls Creek to help restore community confidence and rebuild damaged buildings following the violent clash between Aboriginal groups and police overnight.


    "This sort of behaviour is appalling and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances," he said.


    "People have a right not to be personally threatened or have their business affected by violent groups roaming the streets.


    "An increased police presence will be continued to ensure peace is maintained and that the community faces no further risk."


    Mr Wiese said last night's incident was not simply a `police problem' for local police to solve and solutions could only be achieved through inter-Government agencies, such as Health, Aboriginal Affairs, the Justice Ministry and Police, working together with the local community.


    "I am sure that local Aboriginal elders and leaders are also appalled by what happened overnight and they will play a major role in helping to maintain peace in the community," he said.


    "This will be an ongoing process and must involve consultation and co-operation from the wider community to prevent a repeat of last night's terrifying affair.


    "People from all sections of the Halls Creek community must take up the challenge to prevent this from ever happening again."


    Mr Wiese said the incident was a graphic illustration of the dangers that police can be exposed to and their handling of the volatile situation was commendable.


    "The people of Halls Creek have an excellent record of working together as a close community to address problems such as alcohol abuse," he said.


    "This incident is an unfortunate blemish on a previously excellent history of community co-operation."


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