Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Government committed to building of Bunbury Police District Complex

    21/08/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese said the new $5 million Bunbury Police District Complex was listed in the forward estimates for planning and construction during 1997-1998.


    Mr Wiese said it was anticipated the complex would be completed in 1999-2000.


    "The Coalition Government is financially committed and determined to assist and support our police officers in delivering the level of service the community needs and has a right to expect," he said.


    "We inherited a Police Service that had suffered a decade of neglect under the previous Labor government, but unlike our predecessors, this Government stands by the ongoing process for rebuilding, re-equipping and reform."


    The Minister said it was correct that a feasibility study on the complex was to be carried out during this financial year.


    "An amount of $150,000 has been allocated in the 1996-97 Police Service Capital Works Program for feasibility studies on a number of planned projects," he said.


    "Feasibility funds are normally allocated to projects about 12 months ahead of the proposed capital works program.


    "It is anticipated that approximately $25,000 of the funds will be allocated for a feasibility study for the Bunbury complex during this financial year."


    Mr Wiese said the duration of a feasibility study varied according to the scope of work, but it was estimated to take between four and six months, with an anticipated completion date in the period from March to May 1997.


    He said there were a number of major issues to be addressed in the feasibility study which included;


    + determining police facility requirements for Bunbury;


    + examining the possibility of redeveloping the existing site;


    + identifying alternative options if the existing site was not


    feasible; and -


    + estimating the cost of proposed options, including redevelopment of the existing site.


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