Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Minister to study New Zealand's prison and juvenile justice systems

    6/07/1996 12:00 AM



    Assisting Justice Minister Kevin Minson leaves for New Zealand today to study the country's prison system and juvenile justice programs.


    Mr Minson said New Zealand led the way in a number of areas in both its adult and juvenile justice systems.


    "Some innovative programs and initiatives of particular relevance to Western Australia have been developed in New Zealand and I wanted to have a first-hand look at them," Mr Minson said.


    "An area I am very keen to look at relates to an initiative to reduce the over-representation of indigenous juveniles and adults in the prison system.


    The Minister will meet his New Zealand counterpart, Justice Minister Doug Graham, as well as meeting Judge Carruthers, New Zealand's principal Youth Court Judge, Policy and Service Development's chief advisor Terry Craig and Department of Corrections cultural perspective manager Haami Piripi.


    In addition, he will meet a number of senior officials from Children's and Young Persons' Services and the Department of Corrections.


    Mr Minson will also visit two New Zealand adult prisons, Rimutuaka Prison in Wellington and Mangaroa Prison in Hastings.


    Included in his prison visits, the Minister will tour a sex offender unit at Auckland Prison known as Te Piriti.


    As Mr Minson also has responsibility for juvenile justice, an important part of the tour will be inspecting a residential youth facility, touring a community-based juvenile program aimed at reducing juvenile indigenous representation in the prison system and habilitation centres - half-way houses designed to support the New Zealand parole system.


    While in New Zealand Mr Minson, as Minister for Disability Services, will also visit the Ministry of Health to discuss disability services issues.


    The Minister returns to Western Australia on Sunday, July 14.


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