Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Merging of 2 depts forms new Dept of Contract & Management Services

    2/07/1996 12:00 AM



    The Western Australian Government has established a new department to deliver a higher level of accountability and public confidence in contracting.


    The Department of Contract and Management Services was formed by merging the former Building Management Authority and the Department of State Services.


    Launching the department today, Works and Services Minister Kevin Minson said the WA Government placed a high priority on ensuring appropriate accountability measures were in place as more services were now provided by the private sector.


    "Each year the WA Government spends about $6 billion providing goods, services and infrastructure and the aim is to provide quality and value-for-money services to the public," Mr Minson said.


    "It is about making the best use of the taxpayer's dollar."


    The new arrangements are outlined in a document entitled Government Contracting: Better Management, which was launched this morning to Government agencies, industry and suppliers at the Supply West warehouse in Belmont.


    "The Department of Contract and Management Services will be the central point of contact for Government agencies and suppliers on contracting matters," Mr Minson said.


    "It will provide advice, arrange and promote whole-of-Government contracts for agencies to access commonly purchased goods and services. "The department will also undertake purchasing on behalf of agencies outside their exemption limits as well as managing contracts and procuring buildings and related services."


    Mr Minson said the State Supply Commission would no longer be signing Government contracts, freeing them to undertake the major role of policy, educator and umpire on Government contracting.


    "Between the Department of Contract and Management Services and the upgraded role of the State Supply Commission, the Government has created a centre of excellence in the area of contracting to the private sector," he said.


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