Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Meeting with Mid-West business about Government contracting

    5/07/1996 12:00 AM



    Works and Services Minister Kevin Minson met today with a number of Geraldton and Mid-West businesses to address a number of issues regarding Government contracting.


    Mr Minson told a Geraldton Chamber of Commerce and Industry gathering that the Coalition Government was keen to address any concerns regional business had with the new system.


    "Last Friday, the former Western Australian Building Management Authority and the Department of State Services merged to become the Department of Contract and Management Services," he said.


    "The new structure includes the State Supply Commission being given a stronger mandate to develop policy for Government and to undertake a monitoring and auditing role.


    "The Government has always taken the interests of regional business very seriously, which is why I was keen to meet with representatives of Mid-West organisations to have their input and identify any concerns they may have."


    Mr Minson said a blueprint for future Government buying would be released in August which would address both small and regional business.


    "It is essential also to achieve a balance between regional and metropolitan-based companies in this area," he said.


    "This was underlined by the release of the Government's buy local policy here in the Mid-West.


    "It is also essential that the Government be aware of the social and economic impact any contracting process has on regional centres and towns and work is ongoing in this area to ensure no group or industry is unfairly penalised in the market place."


    Mr Minson said he had spoken to industry groups over the past few weeks and said the State Supply Commission would be involved in the consultation process as well.


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