Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Riverbank Detention Centre, Caversham, to be closed

    15/06/1996 12:00 AM



    The Riverbank Detention Centre in Caversham is to be closed, Assisting Justice Minister Kevin Minson said today.


    Riverbank houses up to 34 juvenile offenders and costs $3 million a year to run.


    Mr Minson said Riverbank was the oldest and most outdated of Western Australia's juvenile detention centres and offenders held there could be comfortably accommodated at the Longmore/Nyandi Detention Complex in Bentley.


    "This arrangement will only last up until the new Banksia Hill Detention Centre opens at Canning Vale in about September next year and then all juveniles detained at the Longmore/Nyandi complex will be moved to the new 120-bed facility," he said.


    "However, I will only allow the move from Riverbank to Longmore/Nyandi once I am totally satisfied that its security is equal to that at Riverbank. The Ministry of Justice has allocated $382,000 to immediately upgrade facilities and security at Longmore.


    "Despite the cost of upgrading Longmore/Nyandi, the saving to Government of closing Riverbank will be $1 million.


    "There are presently 76 juvenile offenders in detention and Longmore has a total capacity of 93 beds.


    "All permanent staff from Riverbank will be retained and discussions are taking place with the CSA/CPSU regarding contract staff."


    Mr Minson stressed that all facilities would be retained at Riverbank in the unlikely event it was needed again before the new Banksia Hill centre was opened.


    "Following the commissioning of Banksia Hill, the Government will give consideration to the future of both the Riverbank and Longmore detention sites," he said.


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