Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Response to Select Committee report on Police Service

    19/06/1996 12:00 AM



    "The recommendations of the Select Committee will receive full consideration.


    It should be noted that all of the Select Committee's criticisms of the Official Corruption Commission have been addressed in the development of the new Anti-Corruption Commission.


    The recommendations of the committee on the establishment of a Police Anti-Corruption Commission are also reflected in the ACC legislation now before Parliament.


    The ACC is an independent body specifically designed to deal with allegations of police corruption.


    It can appoint a special investigator with the powers of a Royal Commission. It will also have the power to recommend the appointment of a Royal Commission and its terms of reference.


    The Government is also considering amendments to the Parliamentary Commissioners Act (Ombudsman) and these recommendations will be considered as part of that review.


    The quickest and simplest way to have a judicial inquiry into the matters they recommend would be for us to, immediately on the proclamation of the Anti-Corruption Commission legislation, refer the specific matters - as a complainant - to the ACC.


    We will, however, discuss this proposal with the committee."


    Media contact: Bronwyn Hillman 322 2311