Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Support for national ban on high-powered semi-automatic firearms

    2/05/1996 12:00 AM



    Western Australian Police Minister Bob Wiese supports a national ban on all automatic and high-powered semi-automatic firearms.


    Mr Wiese said the case for the restricted use of some low-powered semi-automatic firearms, specifically for the destruction of vermin, needed to be fully discussed and debated at the coming Police Minister's conference.


    The Minister said he supported a national gun register which would be an extension of the system already operating in WA.


    He believed uniform national gun laws should be administered on a State-by-State basis.


    "I am in favour of a system whereby firearm owners can only purchase ammunition suitable for the type of firearm for which they are the registered owner, " he said.


    "Every person who applies for a firearm licence in Western Australia must prove they are a fit and proper person and have a genuine reason for requiring a firearm."


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