Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Report into police use of speed and red light cameras

    1/05/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese today welcomed the Auditor General's report into the use of speed and red light cameras by police and the Road Trauma Trust Fund.


    Mr Wiese said the report was an important indicator of the performance of these programs, which involved both the Western Australian Police Service and the management of the Road Trauma Trust Fund by the Traffic Board of WA.


    The report had been requested by the Traffic Board and had been carried out as required by legislation at the end of a five-year period. It would help ensure the efficient and effective use of both the traffic cameras and the fund in the future.


    The Minister said the Auditor General acknowledged in the report that there had been a significant number of positive outcomes since the introduction of speed and red light cameras and since 1992 there had been a 29 per cent decline in speeding and a 40 per cent drop in right angle crashes.


    "Safety is a priority for all road users and the report has highlighted that the cameras are a proven deterrent for those who flout the law and risk their own safety and those of other road users," Mr Wiese said.


    The Minister said the selection of speed camera sites now related to:


    + crash statistics supplied by the Main Roads Department;


    + community requests;


    + traffic black spots identified by computer analysis of crash statistics; and -


    + other identified contributing crash factors.


    Mr Wiese said the purchase of more speed cameras created more opportunities for their use in country areas and the program for their widespread use was also increased with the introduction of suitable civilian operators with appropriate training.


    He said the issue of owner onus legislation was under consideration.


    The report also acknowledged the positive work of the Traffic Board in overseeing the use of the Road Trauma Trust Fund in driver education media campaigns and the Roadwise program.


    Mr Wiese said the report highlighted that management of the fund had improved and many of the concerns initially identified had already been addressed.


    "The current re-structure of the Traffic Board and Office of Road Safety - which now comes under the Department of Transport - will ensure that many of the positive initiatives associated with the use of traffic cameras and the use of the fund will be progressed," he said.


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