George Cash

George Cash


    Waterbank Station pastoral lease (Broome) purchased

    3/04/1996 12:00 AM



    The purchase of the Waterbank Station pastoral lease will ensure there is necessary land for Broome's future economic and social growth, according to Lands Minister George Cash.


    Mr Cash said the lease, which occupied 315,512 hectares, was purchased by the State Government for $1.9 million and was a strategic location for the Broome community.


    "Because the land adjoins the town boundary it has the potential to accommodate a great diversity of possible land uses for the benefit of all elements of the community," he said.


    Mr Cash said the Department of Land Administration would manage the property as a pastoral lease on behalf of the Government until suitable planning for the future use of the land was completed.  A local management company had been engaged to maintain and secure the property.


    A special committee was formed in February, this year, to identify the various land use, preservation and development options for the land of Waterbank Station.


    Called the Waterbank Station co-ordinating committee it comprises representatives from:


    *           Department of Land Administration (Chair);

    *           Broome Shire;

    *           Ministry of Planning;

    *           Kimberley Land Council;

    *           Kimberley Development Commission; and -

    *           Department of Conservation and Land Management.


    Mr Cash said the committee would invite submissions from other key agencies and community interest groups throughout the planning process.  All interested parties would have the opportunity to make submissions.


    "There will be an ongoing extensive community consultation process to ensure local interest in the land use is addressed," he said.


    "The first round of meetings in Broome in February highlighted this with 22 separate submissions from government agencies, companies, community groups and individuals."


    Mr Cash said it was important to acknowledge the interest of local Aboriginal groups in the future use of the land.


    He said the Kimberley Land Council was represented on the co-ordinating committee to convey Aboriginal interests on future development of the area.


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