Kevin Prince

Kevin Prince


    Signing of agreement on expanded Joondalup health facility

    24/04/1996 12:00 AM



    An agreement signed today by Health Minister Kevin Prince will provide a new expanded health campus with increased services to the Joondalup region - saving $22 million to be ploughed back into local health care.


    At a ceremony to formalise the agreement between the Government and HealthCare of Australia, Mr Prince said the partnership would bring real benefits for residents of the northern suburbs.


    "The new hospital will service one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia and will become one of the biggest and best hospitals in the metropolitan area," the Minister said.


    "The level and number of health services available to the northern suburbs will be increased - much sooner than the Government could have achieved on its own.”


    The services will include:

    + a fully-operational, upgraded emergency service;

    + a psychiatric service;

    + an aged care restorative unit;

    + significantly improved surgical, medical and obstetric services;

    + expanded intensive care and coronary care;

    + an endoscopic unit; and -

    + paediatric unit, day oncology, renal dialysis, a medical centre, community health centre and hydrotherapy pool.


    "These services will be free to public patients in the same way that they are free at any public hospital in Western Australia - and of course, patients will be able to opt for private health care if that is their choice,” Mr Prince said.


    "In addition, the Government will continue to enhance other public services available in the community to ensure a comprehensive health service is provided to the northern suburbs."


    Mr Prince said the benefits were the direct result of a partnership between the public and private sectors.


    The agreement signed today provided for a 20-year alliance between the public and private sectors for hospital and health care services.


    "The alliance will save the Government $22 million over the life of the contract - savings which will be redirected to deliver more services to the community.


    "Under the contract the Government will purchase services at a set quality and price - with quality being the paramount consideration."


    HealthCare of Australia won the right to enter into the contract following an extensive selection process from which it emerged as the clear preferred tenderer for the project.


    Mr Prince said the company had considerable experience in caring for public patients as well as private patients. The new hospital would increase the number of beds available from 84 to more than 330, including 70 private beds.


    He also praised the significant local input into the new campus which would be constructed by John Holland.


    “HealthCare of Australia already employs more than1,000 Western Australians with construction and operation of the new campus expected to add hundreds more,” Mr Prince said.


    “The ability to offer work to current employees was also given a very high priority by the State Government in negotiations for the new hospital, and current staff will be offered employment in the new hospital.


    "When the new facility becomes fully operational, many more will be needed with the expectation being that most will live locally.”


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