Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Call for corruption evidence to be presented to Police Commissioner

    26/04/1996 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese today called on Derrick Tomlinson MLC to present any evidence of police corruption to the Police Commissioner and to the Official Corruption Commission immediately.


    Mr Wiese said as a member of parliament Mr Tomlinson had an absolute obligation to present any information on alleged police corruption as soon as possible, regardless of his position as the chairman of a parliamentary committee into the Western Australian Police Service.


    "These are very serious allegations and I am astounded that Mr Tomlinson would make these allegations in the media when he has never raised them with me or the commissioner," he said.


    "The onus is on Mr Tomlinson to immediately respond and supply any evidence he has to the relevant authorities.


    "If he has no evidence and has made these comments based on hearsay and speculation then that is totally irresponsible for a person in his position."


    Mr Wiese said Cabinet recognised that there were problems with the current police policy of containment and was seeking to progress legislation on the regulation of the sex industry in WA.


    He said a submission was made to Cabinet - which included references to past and present reports on prostitution.


    "Cabinet has agreed the issue should be addressed with a detailed proposal for a legislative framework to be submitted back to Cabinet for further consideration, " Mr Wiese said.


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