George Cash

George Cash


    Substantial reforms to Strata Titles Act

    28/03/1996 12:00 AM



    Substantial reforms to the Strata Titles Act will assist occupiers, owners and builders of strata title developments, according to Lands Minister George Cash.


    The Minister said the Government and industry groups had been working together for five years to formulate the changes which would come into effect on April 14.


    He said the Strata Titles Amendment Act 1995 contained 12 major changes which would resolve many of the problems currently experienced by strata unit owners and companies in the management of strata schemes.


    "This legislation will assist people who live in or own strata title developments by strengthening their rights and privileges," Mr Cash said.


    "It will also provide more flexibility and scope for innovative developments and a firm foundation for future community title reforms."


    Mr Cash said there were more than 31,000 strata developments in Western Australia consisting of about 125,000 lots and involving about 250,000 people.


    The new legislation addresses a wide range of issues which included:


    ·           refined administrative and management practices for owners of duplex dwellings or three-to-five lot schemes;

    ·           improved dispute resolution procedures for the strata titles referee;

    ·           changes to insurance provisions to make it easier for appropriate insurance to be obtained;

    ·           flexibility to develop vacant home sites and common property under the Act;

    ·           introduction of management statements putting in place various controls on a strata development from the outset to oversee maintaining a theme, landscaping and use of common property; and -

    ·           consumer protection provisions to enable the purchaser to identify the benefits and obligations of being a strata lot owner.


    Mr Cash said the changes would provide a platform for ongoing reform to assist owners, occupiers and builders of strata title developments to feel financially secure with their investment.


    He said the Department of Land Administration (DOLA) would be conducting a free seminar on the Strata Titles Amendments at the Perth Entertainment Centre on Friday, March 29 at 5.45 pm.


    DOLA and the Real Estate Institute of WA are in the process of preparing information pamphlets on the new amendments. The pamphlets will be available through various strata title industry offices in early April.


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