George Cash

George Cash


    Opp'n leader's claim a cowardly attack based on innuendo

    14/03/1996 12:00 AM



    The Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, George Cash says allegations made in Parliament today by the Opposition leader Jim McGinty were a cowardly attack based on gossip, smear and innuendo.


    Mr Cash said the allegations had already been investigated by police and considered by the Director of Public Prosecutions.


    He said in 1994 the Opposition had also sought to make mileage of unsubstantiated claims by raising allegations in Parliament.


    At that time the Director of Public Prosecutions released a statement saying that such information was 'totally unsupported and properly fits the category of gossip, smear and innuendo'.


    "The Opposition would be well aware of this - but still it continues to peddle its cowardly campaign based on gossip, smear and innuendo," Mr Cash said.


    "As the DPP said in his media release of August 10, 1994, 'if the allegation has no substance then it is a cowardly attack."


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