Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Opp'n claims about decreased size of Boulder police station politicking

    14/03/1996 12:00 AM



    Claims that the Coalition Government was responsible for decreasing the size of the police station in Boulder were a blatant political lie, according to Police Minister Bob Wiese.


    Mr Wiese said gross misinformation was being peddled by ALP candidate Megan Anwyl, who stated in a political advertisement that the station had been downgraded twice by the Government.


    The Minister said the major changes which had occurred under the previous Labor Government included:


    + three shifts reduced to day shift only with two officers (July 1988);

    + traffic officers moved to Kalgoorlie (April 1991);

    + station staff reduced to one officer (November, 1991); and -

    + staff permanently attached to the Kalgoorlie station and Boulder reduced to a shop front station (January, 1992).


    Mr Wiese said the Coalition Government was committed to the ongoing process of rebuilding the Western Australian Police Service to repair a decade of disgraceful neglect by the Labor Government.


    He said the Coalition Government had allocated $52 million over three years for new equipment and resources to upgrade metropolitan and country police stations.


    "Providing better facilities and equipment for our working police is crucial to assisting them to deliver the level of service which the community requires and have a right to expect," the Minister said.


    "The safety of the Boulder community is ensured with an ongoing police presence patrolling the area and on-call from the nearby Kalgoorlie station if an emergency arises."


    Mr Wiese said the local community should question the credibility of those politicians who would stoop to new levels with such a blatant political lie.


    "The community have a right to know the truth when choosing a political representative and those people who attempt to take on the role have a responsibility not to hoodwink the electorate in the process," he said.


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