Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Opening of police station at Forrestfield

    6/03/1996 12:00 AM



    The new Forrestfield police station stands as testimony to the power of the Forrestfield community, according to Police Minister Bob Wiese.


    Opening the new station today, Mr Wiese acknowledged the hard work of the local community and the Kalamunda and Midland police officers in establishing and operating a police post in the area for more than five years.


    "It has been a partnership between the Forrestfield community, the Western Australian Police Service and the Coalition Government that has led to the opening of this new station," he said.


    "It began as a shop-front police post back in 1990 - opened because of the efforts of the residents' association - and now their ambitions have finally come to fruition."


    Mr Wiese commended the role of police and the local Forrestfield community in joining forces to combat property crime in the area which had dropped by a total of 10 per cent over the last two years.


    "A major success story is that car theft is down by nearly 23 per cent, and this is followed by a 15 per cent drop in damage and vandalism and stealing has decreased by nearly 10 per cent, " he said.


    The Minister said the new $747,000 Forrestfield police station was an investment in maintaining the community's commitment to the fight against crime.


    "It is essential to supply police officers with the right facilities and equipment necessary to do their jobs effectively and efficiently," he said.


    The Minister said the State Government had allocated $52 million over three years for new equipment and to upgrade metropolitan and country police stations.


    A new Kwinana police station was opened last week and next week a new station will be officially opened in Leeman. The new Scarborough police station is currently being completed.


    Mr Wiese said the new Forrestfield station had been designed using the new WA police building code, which had been nominated for national awards.


    He said the building had a projected life span of 50 years and was designed to expand with future staff increases.


    "The striking architectural features complement the changing face of the Forrestfield region and its prominent location will provide for better access by the local community," Mr Wiese said.


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