Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    New agency from July 1 to streamline contracting arrangements

    20/03/1996 12:00 AM

    March 20, 1996


    The Coalition Government will establish a new agency from July 1 to streamline contracting arrangements and raise accountability levels for agencies, clients and suppliers, Works and Services Minister Kevin Minson said today.


    Mr Minson said the new agency would be formed by merging the Western Australian Building Management Authority and the Department of State Services.


    The new arrangements will better co-ordinate Government contracting leading to significant savings and a new era in accountability across government.


    "It will be a centre of excellence providing an efficient single point of contact for Government contracting," Mr Minson said.


    "The shared knowledge and experience will make contracting easier and more uniform throughout government.


    "An important role of the new organisation will be to assist in the effective management of the State's assets, including vehicles, computers and buildings.


    "The new organisation will also allow the separation of the regulation and policy functions of the State Supply Commission, resulting in more accountable contracting arrangements for agencies and a clear policy and compliance role for the SSC."


    The agency has already begun operating administratively but the WABMA and the DoSS will function as two separate entities until the end of the financial year when the budgets will be combined.


    "Savings on rent, establishment cost, reduced executive structure and an integrated corporate services will see ongoing savings of about $4 million per year," Mr Minson said.


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