Kevin Minson

Kevin Minson


    Minister meets with Commonwealth counterpart

    27/03/1996 12:00 AM



    Disability Services Minister Kevin Minson met today with newly-appointed Commonwealth counterpart Judi Moylan to put Western Australia's case for people with disabilities.


    After the meeting Mr Minson addressed a rally held at Parliament House by the Welcome Home Campaign which is lobbying for funding for accommodation and respite care services.


    "I have ensured the new Minister is aware of the true situation in this State so that she can bring it to the attention of the Commonwealth Government," Mr Minson said.


    He said despite repeated approaches to the former Keating Government, then Health Minister Carmen Lawrence turned a deaf ear to the advice offered on the situation in WA.


    "In fact, the former Government let the situation regarding people with disabilities deteriorate to such an extent across the nation that in my estimation, it will take huge resources to address the problem," Mr Minson said.


    The Minister gave a commitment at the rally that the State Government would continue to address the crisis in accommodation in WA.


    "The first year of a five-year plan to address service shortfalls was fully funded," Mr Minson said.


    The additional funding of $5.35 million in last year's Budget resulted in a number of major programs being set in place to assist people with disabilities.


    These included:


    + $2.13 million towards accommodation support plus an additional one-off grant of $1 million by the Lotteries Commission;


    + a new respite care centre south of the river;


    + expanded local area co-ordination providing $1.3 million in direct support and funding to families and people with disabilities;


    + $720,000 towards community access and recreation programs for 1995 school leavers;


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