George Cash

George Cash


    Public sector reform process

    14/12/1995 12:00 AM



    Minister Assisting the Minister for Public Sector Management George Cash said the Government had a responsibility to ensure the community received the best possible service from the public sector.


    Mr Cash said it was inevitable that during this reform people would be affected and criticism of the process was to be expected.


    "This Government has an obligation to provide an efficient and cost-effective public sector that is responsive to community demands," he said.


    "We can no longer accept Government performing tasks at great expense to the community when they can be done far more competitively by private enterprise - delivering the same or a better service to the public.


    "This Government is committed to maintaining this essential reform process."


    Mr Cash said in any organisation - as large as the public sector - there would always be varying degrees of morale.


    He said the Commission on Government was an independent body which was gathering information on the processes of Government and everyone who was interviewed were entitled to their individual opinions - whatever they might be.


    "COG should be allowed to get on with the job of gathering this information and presenting its recommendations without the interference of Government during this process," Mr Cash said.


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