George Cash

George Cash


    Legislation dealing with management of Crown land introduced

    6/12/1995 12:00 AM



    Land administration in Western Australia will be made far more efficient to cater for modern demands, according to Lands Minister George Cash.


    Mr Cash today introduced proposed significant legislative reforms in Parliament for the management of Crown land and the purchase and sale of freehold land.


    He said the Land Administration Bill 1995 represented the most significant legislative changes to the Act in more than 60 years.


    "The thrust of this proposed legislation is to remove outdated provisions designed for the pioneering days of the State's development and replace them with arrangements and procedures to meet modern land use needs," the Minister said.


    He said the Land Administration Bill 1995 targeted the control of Crown land which affected more than 93 per cent of the State's land mass.


    "The proposed legislation will streamline the control and administration of Crown land, simplifying registration processes to match those of everyday freehold land transactions and documentation," he said.


    The proposed legislative changes include:

     +         a single registration system for all land in Western Australia;

    +          the institution of new and more efficient procedures;

    +          reform of pastoral land tenure; and -

    +          incorporating provisions for the administration of roads from the Local Government Act and resumption of land from the Public Works Act.


    Mr Cash said the proposed legislation was a comprehensive revision of several major land related statutes and was the outcome of extensive reviews and public consultation.


    "Native title does impact on Crown land and this proposed legislation has been carefully prepared to follow all the requirements of the Federal Native Title Act," he said.


    "The lease and sale of Crown land will be far more flexible to allow greater opportunity for the development and progress of this land," he said.


    "However, the current high level of accountability on these matters will be maintained at all times."


    Mr Cash said new procedures would include the power to impose positive and restrictive covenants on Crown land being used in the Crown estate or sold as freehold. In addition, warnings on potential hazards - such as flooding - that could affect the amenity of the land will be placed on the titles.


    "Both measures are important innovations aimed at enabling the State to deal with Crown land which might not otherwise be sold or leased," he said.


    Mr Cash said the Transfer of Land Amendment Bill 1995 would streamline the procedures for the sale and purchase of land in WA.


    "The reforms will provide far more flexibility and scope for the development of land and will be a major advantage for landowners," he said.


    The proposed legislative changes included:

    +          introduction of new registration procedures for the title system being administered by the Department of Land Administration;

    +          removal of outdated regulatory provisions; and -

    +          the automatic creation of easements and restrictive covenants on plans and diagrams.


    Mr Cash encouraged the public to have their say on the proposed legislation.


    "I am introducing these Bills at this time so the community will have the opportunity to consider the legislation over the Parliamentary recess period and in the near future the Department of Land Administration will invite public comment," he said.


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