Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Support for reopening of investigation into Argyle Diamonds theft

    7/09/1995 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese said he supported the actions taken by the Police Commissioner in re-opening the investigation into allegations of theft from Argyle Diamonds.


    Mr Wiese said it was appropriate that the investigation was conducted by a task force involving Australian Federal Police that would report to the Official Corruption Commission.


    He said re-opening the investigation was a clear indication that the WA Police Service and the Government were not prepared to ignore allegations of corruption and criminality and would use every means possible to bring those responsible to justice.


    Mr Wiese said he did not believe a Royal Commission was appropriate while these investigations were under way.


    He said the WA Police Service was already undergoing a major process of reform through the Delta Program.


    “We have a first class Police Commissioner who is doing a commendable job in rebuilding the WA Police Service,” Mr Wiese said.


    “The commissioner, together with his senior staff, have demonstrated their determination to weed out any pockets of corruption that exist and I believe they should be given an opportunity to get on with the job.”


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