Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Recommendations of Drug Task Force were being put in place

    28/09/1995 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese said many of the major recommendations made by the Drug Task Force were being put in place by the State Government.


    Mr Wiese said the Telecommunications Interception Bill and the Surveillance Devices Bill were both crucial legislation to assist police in the fight against organised crime.


    In addition, the Misuse of Drugs Bill - currently being debated in Parliament - allowed police to destroy large quantities of confiscated drugs on the spot after samples had been taken for court evidence.


    Mr Wiese said this legislation would remove the difficulties police faced in transporting the material and the high costs involved in securing illegal drugs prior to a court case.


    He said the Telecommunications Interception Bill and Surveillance Devices Bill  were currently being drafted and would be introduced into Parliament sometime during this session.


    "Western Australia is one of the few States where police do not have telephone interception powers and it is important they have access to this crime-fighting tool as soon as possible," he said.


    Mr Wiese said the legislation would implement very strong safeguards by requiring approval from a Supreme Court judge before police could act.


    He said other recommendations made by the Task Force, which included intercepting mail and the use of prohibited drugs in undercover work, would be considered by a committee chaired by Police Commissioner Bob Falconer.


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