George Cash

George Cash


    Govt recently advertised for creation of nine new financial counselling services (A/Min)

    15/09/1995 12:00 AM



    The State Government has recently advertised for the creation of nine new financial counselling services, including one in the Perth-East Perth-Highgate area, Acting Family and Children’s Services Minister George Cash said today.


    When the services were operating, the present State Government would have more than doubled the number of financial counselling services throughout the State from 23 to more than 50.


    “In the light of these facts, it is utterly false to claim, as Jann McFarlane did in the Guardian Express on September 12, that Family and Children’s Services Minister Roger Nicholls had done an about-turn on his previous commitment to provide financial education to the community,” Mr Cash said.


    “Neither Mr Nicholls nor the Government as a whole has made such an about-turn.


    “When we allocated an extra million dollars to financial counselling services in 1993, Mr Nicholls was repeatedly criticised on the grounds that ‘people cannot eat financial counselling’.


    “Experience has shown that families can eat a whole lot better and more regularly when they learn to manage their own affairs more effectively.


    “The Government is continuing to give a high priority to the creation of new financial counselling services and in some cases money that had previously gone to bodies like the Welfare Rights and Advocacy Group is now being directed to specific financial counselling services.”


    Mr Cash said the Government recently called for expressions of interest from organisations with the capacity to create new financial counselling services in seven metropolitan locations, the Goldfields and Exmouth.


    One of those would be in Perth and it would be required to have a presence in Perth, East Perth and Highgate so that people would have easy access to it.


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