Bob Wiese

Bob Wiese


    Burkekin Report criticism of police practices disappointing

    27/09/1995 12:00 AM



    Police Minister Bob Wiese said he was disappointed that the Burdekin report was critical of police practices, in relation to tackling juvenile crime, without offering any realistic solutions.


    "The report fails to register that police are only a small part of the juvenile justice system, but invariably they are often the only available agency in a position to deal, not only with justice issues, but a raft of welfare and social matters," he said.


    "The majority of the issues raised in the report are already being dealt with by both the Government and police through legislation like the Young Offenders Bill and the work of Juvenile Justice teams, in fact we now have one of the most progressive and innovative programs in Australia for diverting young people away from the formal justice system.


    "The relationship between young people and police will always be problematic, because police represent authority and the majority of young people who clash with police are testing this authority.


    "What must be realised is that there is an obligation on the community and young people themselves to shoulder some responsibility for their own behaviour and actions.


    "The report takes the simplistic approach that changing police procedures, for example, re-training police is the panacea to youth offending.


    "The real answer is in community education, community action and agency co-operation."


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