George Cash

George Cash


    Rural land subdivisions on hold to ensure compliance with Native Title Act

    9/08/1995 12:00 AM



    Major land subdivisions in country regions around Western Australia are currently on hold until requirements of the Commonwealth Native Title Act have been met.


    Lands Minister George Cash said proposals for crown land subdivisions in Broome, Kalbarri, Cowaramup (near Margaret River), Port Hedland and Greenhead could not be initiated until legislative amendments to ensure compliance with the Native Title Act were put in place.


    Mr Cash said despite the hold-up on these major proposals the Department of Land Administration (DOLA) had been able to progress with the release of land in most other areas of the State.


    "DOLA is currently developing procedures and strategies to deal with these proposals when necessary State legislation is in place later this year," he said.


    On a separate issue involving real estate land transfers, Mr Cash said more than $11.3 billion of transfers were recorded in Western Australia during the 1994-95 financial year.


    He said the amount was down $600 million on the previous year, but was still $700 million higher than the previous record boom period of 1988-89.


    According to Department of Land Administration's (DOLA) business activity profile the latest figures indicate a five per cent fall in real estate land transfers over last year.


    "While it reflects a slight downturn in the market this has been balanced by an all-time record increase in the creation of 30,717 new lots, beating the record of 28,117 the previous year," Mr Cash said.


    DOLA's June 1995 business activity profile indicates 318,367 documents were lodged in 1994-95, a 12.5 per cent fall from the previous record of 363,752 in 1993-94.


    The average daily rate for lodging documents during 1994/95 peaked at 1,456 in July, a drop from a high of 1,647 set two months earlier in April, 1994 the previous financial year.


    The daily average of lodging documents during the June was 1,209 a six per cent increase on the May rate of 1,143.


    Mr Cash said the figure was consistent with seasonal trends set in previous years with an increase in business activity towards the end of the financial year.


    DOLA's business activity profile reports that the creation of new freehold subdivisional lots in June were 15 per cent down on the previous month.


    In June there were 58 plans and 177 diagrams lodged, creating 1,357 subdivisional lots.


    Following the record May figures for the establishment of strata lots - 291 plans creating 1,004 lots - the June figures were 227 plans creating 735 strata lots.


    Mr Cash said the 47 Crown land lots were sold in June for a total of $2,478,800 which brought the 1994-95 year figures to 704 lots sold for a total of $21,882,425.


    He said auctions being held from July through to September, 1995 would offer a total of 76 lots in ten locations across the State.


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