George Cash

George Cash


    ANZMEC proposal to issue a national mine safety handbook

    5/08/1995 12:00 AM



    A further positive step towards improved safety in the mineral industry has been taken with the ANZMEC proposal to issue a national mine safety handbook.


    At its meeting in Perth this week, ANZMEC - which is made up of Ministers for Energy and Mines from all Australian States and Territories, the Commonwealth and New Zealand, agreed to the joint publication of the Handbook of Safe Mining in conjunction with the Minerals Council of Australia.


    Chairman of ANZMEC and Western Australian Minister for Mines George Cash said the handbook - to be published later this year - had been developed by Chief Inspectors of Mines in the States, Territories and New Zealand in consultation with the Minerals Council of Australia, unions, Australian industry bodies, mine management and safety experts, and with the assistance of the Australian Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention.


    This comprehensive practitioners’ guide will be a basic reference for mine and quarry operators throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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