George Cash

George Cash


    ANZMEC agreement on common safety standards for domestic gas appliances

    4/08/1995 12:00 AM



    A major step was taken today to enhance safety for Australian consumers purchasing household gas appliances when all Governments agreed to implement common safety regulatory arrangements.


    “At the moment, there are no common arrangements to ensure that products such as gas heaters or barbecues meet the same levels of safety at point of sale throughout Australia,” ANZMEC chairman George Cash said.


    “This can mean, for example, that unsafe products from overseas could, in some States, slip through existing safety nets.  Agreement to tighten arrangements to protect consumers further will ensure that anyone buying or even hiring a household appliance can be assured that the product fully meets prescribed safety standards.”


    The agreement was reached following input from the gas appliance industry, including the Australian Gas Association, Australian LP Gas Association, Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia, and consumers, through the Australian Consumers’ Association.


    “This action is welcomed, as it shows that when deficiencies are evident- especially in the critical area of safety - Government and industry can work together to redress the situation,” Mr Cash said.


    Australian Energy Ministers have committed themselves to give high priority to the necessary changes to legislation to ensure that common arrangments are comprehensively and urgently put in place.  This includes further consumer education to help purchasers of gas appliances identify product approval marks.


    ANZMEC, the Australian and New Zealand Minerals and Energy Council, which is made up of Energy and Mines Ministers from Australian States and Territories, the Commonwealth and New Zealand, met in Perth this week.


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